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Cast Iron Wood Stoves For Sale With User Reviews

Cast iron wood stoves are a practical and economical way to provide heat to your home and they are lovely centerpieces.

As practical as they are, wood stoves utilizes heat that emanate from them as suppose to a fireplace which almost all of the heat goes up to waste. When it comes to efficiency, nothing beat cast iron stoves. They are a popular choice for many households because of its versatility and cost effective features.

As the name suggest, cast iron wood stoves use wood as fuel. In order to warm up your home effectively and economically, ensure that the wood is dry. Damp wood however are easier to break up and feed it into the stove but they encourage coal tar residue and it is smoky. Most of the tar will end up in your chimney or stove, not a pretty sight. Store the wood fuel properly in the garage or cellar where they are left to dry. There are other fuel that you can use for the stove including peat, coal, smokeless fuel, and turf. In this way, you will not have to rely on one single source of fuel.

Did you know that aside from heating, cast iron wood stoves have much other practical use as well? The stove primarily serves both a heating system for your home and a cooking stove. Versatility and practicality are two words that best describes it. A popular choice for many people who are fed up with increasing electric bills. You can buy recycled wood for a more environment friendly gesture. Cost efficient, practical and fuel efficiency are just a few benefits a cast iron wood stove can offer. Check out the following tips on how you can maximize their fuel efficiency and how to make them last indefinitely:

  • Install fans and air ducts to allow the heat to circulate to your entire home.
  • Air ventilators are also helpful in eliminating smoke.
  • Protect you stove by installing a trivet to prevent rust from developing.
  • Thermostats not only maintains the temperature, promotes safety, and they are efficient fuel savers.
  • Like the fireplace, you might consider having a hearth to protect the floor from the heat of the stove.
  • Excessive heat can chip or even peel the paint off the stove. Repaint the stove with a high temperature resistant paint to make the stove always looking like new.
  • Purchase a wood stove kit to replace worn out parts and keep you stove in peak form every time.
  • Check the catalyst, if you see the smoke disappears or decreases as the cast iron stove heats up, then it should be fine. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the catalyst. If it flakes, replace it.
  • Steel parts should also be replaced if they are deformed.
  • Enamel coated stoves are extremely tough but when they do chip, there are filler kits you can buy for touch ups.

Cast Iron Wood Stoves:

There are millions of home makers who are seriously considering purchasing a wood stove. There are great alternative heating sources during winter or fall. They are also effective, environment friendly, a charming addition to your home and cast iron wood stoves only need minimal maintenance requirement. The stoves are available online for our convenience and choose the design according to your taste and budget.