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Soapstone Wood Stove

Soapstone Wood Stove and gas stoves.

Have you ever thought of replacing your chimney or your firebrick wood stove with a soap stone wood stove? You might not have heard about soapstone wood stove but it is the newest addition to the already popular line of alternative heating devices. Soap stone or sometimes called soap rock, is a metamorphic rock which is mainly composed of mineral called talc. This non-porous rock is first used by the ancient civilization including China, Persia, Minoans, Egyptians, India, and later the Native Americans. They were used for making pipe for smoking, seals, carvings, ornaments, and amulets. The soapstone is now a popular material for counter tops, sinks, and now wood stoves.

Did you know that the soapstone can absorb and retain heat as much as its metal counterparts can? The soapstone can resist too much heat without breaking and it can absorb heat and releases it in the air. The temperature of the soapstone is constant and it behaves much like ceramic when subjected to heat. The outer appearance remains unchanged and it doesn’t need special paint or coating to make it look good. The natural grain and marble-like appearance gleams when it is polished. According to lab tests, the stone is more efficient than metal stoves of more than 70 percent. The stove made from soap rock is truly a revolutionary way for home heating.

The soapstone stove also bears the newest technology found in most stoves. What makes it unique is its heat generation capacity. When it absorbs heat, it radiated the heat to the environment and the residual heat continues to radiate even when there is little fire inside the stove. This makes it truly efficient. In comparison with its metal counterpart, the stove made with soapstone provides lasting benefits. Investing into soapstone stoves can offer great saving in the long term use. It outweighs electric and gas driven heaters. When you have a stove, you don’t have to worry about the electric line being knocked of during a storm or bursting gas pipes. When the power fails, the stove is ever ready to take the heat, literally.

The stoves are reasonably priced and far easier to maintain. Thanks to modern inserts, the parts are easily removed for maintenance and cleaning. It does not need special cleaners or touch ups because it has no finish. The surface will stay beautiful for many years to come. They are solidly built and they are made to last a lifetime. Many generations will enjoy the warmth of the stove. For so long a proper care is provided, a stone can last for a very long time. Although the stove itself is impermeable to heat, some of the parts inside the stove will eventually be replaced. Speak to your dealer about the replacement parts you might need in the future. It is best to buy them ahead of time in case it needs replacing.

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The wood stoves have come a long way, but the purpose remained the same, and now it takes on a new look. The aesthetic appeal of the stove can be a great addition to any home, and with its neutral color, it can fit in to any home décor. When you use a wood stove, you are giving the environment a chance to breath and your wallet can, too. So, have you ever thought of considering a soapstone wood stove?